The Site’s Beginning

Since I was little, I have loved the idea of reading and becoming a writer someday. I was hoping that when I grew up, I will become a well-known author or a journalist, but at the rate of how things are going, it’s impossible to happen. I decided that, yes, I can’t achieve my dreams, but somewhere in this world, someone has the same dream just like me, and maybe I can help them they fulfill their dreams and also my dreams that had died a long time ago before I can even work on it.

I’m hoping that I can help others in the field of writing; whether it’s an inspiration, help, advice, even book covers. This 2018, I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I first started reading stories about angels, demons, and vampires when I was in my early teen years; soon enough, I have gained an unrequited love and passion for supernatural, urban fantasy stories.

I founded Bibliophile Angel Book Review with a mission to help aspiring authors (just like me) whose life revolves around writing and imagining the endless possibilities, yet lacking with exposure, those who wanted to have a break, to have their books reviewed and be heard of.