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I accept review requests from authors(indie-author is a priority), wattpaders and others– I will honor and prioritize review request if you can give me drafts or free version of the story. Don’t worry, I respect authors so I will not share your stories. BUT giving me a free copy of your book does not guarantee that I will give a positive review of the book and all I can promise is I’ll give an honest review, and it will be posted on the following sites:

  • WordPress(in this blog)
  • Goodreads
  • LibraryThing
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram(soon)

And the current book review request status is:





When requesting, kindly include the following details of the book

  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Synopsis
  • Publisher
  • Genre(s)
  • Age Range
  • Release Date
  • ISBN
  • Author’s bio
  • Author’s social media sites

This blog is just months old, so I’m currently posting reviews of the books that I previously read. Most of the time and formality speaking, I reach out to the authors asking for permission for the book review. If I received no response, I will still be conducting a review of the said book. Whatever post I may and I will post will not be edited and or removed. Thank you.

To send a request, please message Bibliophile Angel at with the subject: [Review Request] 
No more, No less. Please follow it because some emails go directly to spam. Or just go to the Contact page.




I prefer to read ebooks so I can carry it around me and read anywhere.

  • Paperback
  • E-books – ePub and Mobi
  • .doc and .docx file. (I don’t accept PDF file)



Wow! You could be the next big thing! The story was perfect, with no loopholes. Satisfied with the flow of the story, the writing style is superb and understandable. Must read and definitely recommended.


The story is amazing, but there are few points that were confusing for me.  It’s still amazing though! Don’t worry, there are just minimal details and you can still read the story.


Well, the story was not as thrilling just like the stories of the same genre. The story might be slow-pacing, or the story’s intent wasn’t really clear.


I didn’t like the story. But hey, I did finish the book.


I didn’t finish reading this book. The reviews/and opinions are either sent to the author or probably the story was still in draft and more editing will be done.