Teliko Mageia by AJ Carbonell Book Review

About the Book


Fire Magick comes naturally to Jael. Travelling the countryside of Bristal with only a loyal wolf at his side, he seeks to unravel the secrets of his mysterious past. When his prowess in competitions garners the attention of the Queen of Bristal herself, Jael is dragged into the stirring conflict within the kingdom.

Vying for dominance with the help of his four generals, the Dark Mage aims to conquer all of Bristal in the name of malevolence.

Brought forth by this oncoming threat, Jael must team up with his comrades to defend the realm which could change the future of the kingdom.

My Reviews

Teliko Mageia: Curse of the Frozen Flame is an Epic Fantasy story that will surely take your breathe away.

Teliko Mageia: Curse of the Frozen Flame is a story that revolves around Jael, his ability and power to create a big change for his kingdom.

So, to be honest, this kind of Fantasy books are not my genre, but as the author emailed me, and well, this site is created to help the Indie Authors, I agreed. And here’s my short, yet All-Out Review.

The first few chapters of the book is pretty good, you’ll definitely get hooked with the story, questions, confusion– but there are chapters that are somehow slow pacing, but nevertheless, don’t skip it. There are important details that will help you understand the story as it progress.

So, how can I convince you to go and buy this book? Well, imagine a roleplaying game that you have no idea of and was asked you to play it. As you get hooked with storyline,  you will understand the characters’ strength and weakness– and you will know your quest, right? So, literally speaking, buy this book and enjoy the story firsthand and be with Jael as he do his quest.

NOTE: I received this book from the author who contacted me via the Contacts page in exchange for an honest review. 

Overall Ratings


Teliko Mageia: Curse of the Frozen Flame by AJ Carbonell received a rating of Fourheavenly book goodness! over-all, it’s such a great book. There are parts that are somehow off, but if one can overlook it, this is such a great read!

Book Details

animated-arrow-image-0192 Title:  Teliko Mageia: Curse of the Frozen Flame

animated-arrow-image-0192 Publication Date: July 16, 2018

animated-arrow-image-0192 ASIN: B07FMR89ZB

About The Author


A.J Carbonell is a civil engineer and an avid gamer
for many years, mostly on the RPG genre, A. J.
has been exposed to different kinds of fantasy elements.
The passion to create worlds gave birth to Teliko
Mageia: Curse of the Frozen Flame. A. J. is currently
writing the second installment of Teliko Mageia..

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