The One Unspoken(The One Unspoken#1) by Sarah Bryant Book Review



Sidonie Verdier and Gabriel Saint-Martin are neighbors who live worlds apart. Born in western Louisiana in 1841, Sidonie is the last and only surviving child of an impoverished white Creole cotton planter, who has abandoned his pregnant wife. When her mother dies in childbirth, Sidonie is left to the care of Adelis, a midwife and former slave who has blackmailed her freedom from her mistress on her deathbed. The two develop an unlikely bond, which is cemented when Adelis realizes that they share a gift—the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. As she grows older, Sidonie also discovers that she has a singular talent for music, passed down from her mysterious and beautiful mother, Isobel Ballantyne. But when Sidonie’s father returns with plans to reclaim the plantation, forge his daughter into a proper Creole lady, and sell her into marriage to the highest bidder, Adelis and Sidonie’s fragile peace is shattered.

Meanwhile, on a neighboring plantation, Gabriel St. Martin is leading the privileged yet fraught life of a free black sugar-planter’s only son. He chafes under the expectation that he will inherit the plantation, dreaming instead of a career in medicine far beyond the confines of his remote, rural home. When Gabriel is sent to fetch Adelis for the birth of his mother’s seventh child, his orbit collides with Sidonie’s, leading to passionate, forbidden love and a tragedy that will destroy his family, revealing the tangled bloodlines that bind them all.

From the backwoods bayous of Louisiana to the corrupt, glittering decadence of antebellum New Orleans, THE ONE UNSPOKEN peels back the barbed layers of the Code Noir, which governed both free and enslaved African-Americans. It conjures a shimmering world of voodoo curses, extravagant affairs, and skeletons in family closets, and will appeal to readers of The Movement of Stars by Amy Brill and The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope by Rhonda Riley.


The One Unspoken—a book that is written in almost ten years—tells us about some rich origins and history, and the never-ending love of a mother, biological or not, and a true love that is worth fighting for. A very remarkable and exceptional book that you will surely love.

On the first part, the story took place around 1840. The story revolves around Sidonie who had an ability to talk and see the dead, and oddly enough, Adelis, a midwife and former slave who has blackmailed Sidonie’s mother for her freedom. She will meet in the latter part Gabriel whom soon she will fell-in-love with, and that’s where the fight for freedom and love will begin. And not just the romantic love, but the never-ending love of a mother and the mother figure. This book will surely move you to tears, especially the ending.

It was yet another thrilling book that I set my fingers in. I rarely read books under Historical Fiction because it bores me to death, but this book was an exception. The moment Adelis blackmailed Isobel, I already found myself reeling for some information. After Sidonie grew up, I found the book’s phasing going slow at first but after a while, I realized that the information being handed was crucial to both part two and part three of the story.

There were too many characters, and yup, it’s a little confusing, though each of the characters had their own story to tell. With regards to the plot, the story was done carefully—the story depicts perfectly the discrimination era. I heard that the story took ten years to complete and that maybe is the reason of the perfectness of the story.

I would also like to acknowledge the precision and depth of understanding of the author with regards to the history she used in this book—I rarely see this kind of flawlessness in a fictional book, and I was hoping she will write some non-fiction books that seems to be her forte.

DISCLAIMER: I requested for an ARC of this book in NetGalley and I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review. The description of the book had caught my attention.

OverAll Rating


The One Unspoken received a rating of five heavenly book goodnessI recommend this book to those who love historical fiction with a paranormal twist in it. And come on, I heard that the Author wrote this book for ten years, so the passion, the excitement, the story, even the ending, it was well-thought of. This book deserves five ratings and should be read by everyone.

So let me share with you my favorite quote from the book:

   “But none of us choose who we love, or what our world will make of it.” -Gabriel, The One Unspoken by Sarah Bryant

Book Details

DZGxQewVwAElE82animated-arrow-image-0192   Book Title: The One Unspoken

animated-arrow-image-0192   Author: Sarah Bryant

animated-arrow-image-0192  Published Date: March 27, 2018

animated-arrow-image-0192  Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

animated-arrow-image-0192   ISBN: 9781948099714

About the Author


Sarah Bryant Caughie was born and raised in Maine and Massachusetts, before attending Brown University to study English and American literature, with minors in music and visual art.

After that, she moved to the UK to do a masters in creative writing, where she met and married her Scottish husband. After fifteen years in southern Scotland, Sarah and family now live in the wilds of Washington state, USA, on the horse farm she’s always dreamed of. She has published four novels for adults, and three for young adults. She’s thrilled to be joining the Curiosity Quills team for her eighth publication.

2 thoughts on “The One Unspoken(The One Unspoken#1) by Sarah Bryant Book Review

  1. I love when it is apparent the author has a deep understanding of the history they use in the book. Nothing worse than reading a book that does not provide accurate facts.
    This sounds like an interesting read! Great review too!
    I love the quote. I might start adding a favorite quote at the end of my reviews. Love that idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg! I’m very sorry for replying late. I didn’t received any notifications about your comment. I really agreed with you. Accurate information makes you feel like you are living in the book, rather than just reading it.

      Liked by 1 person

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