Sirius: Hidden Truth by A.L. Long Book Review


Sirius Hidden TruthApril Barnes was a simple girl with a simple life. All she wanted was to graduate and help the world. Everything changes when her only friend Vanessa Lewis talks her into covering for her at a catering job. The minute April walked in the door, her curiosity gets the best of her and that curiosity introduced her to a world that would soon be a part of her.

The minute he laid eyes on her, there was only one thing that Dominic Prescott wanted and that was April Barnes. Hidden behind many secrets, the opportunity to get closer to her presented itself when he volunteered to teach an economics class that she was a student of.

Introducing her to his world wasn’t part of his plan. All it took was one taste and she would be forever his, or so he thought until the truth he had kept hidden away is revealed putting them both in danger.
Will she be able to accept his world or will she walk away and leave the only man she ever loved behind…


Sirius: Hidden Truth—a standalone novel by A.L. Long—was an enthralling novel that will surely leave you breathless!

Sirius—Hidden Truth starts just like any typical novel where a smart, college girl named April needs scholarship—yes, it may start as a cliché but believe me, there’s more to it. So, as the story flows, a complication will arise, her rudely teacher will be replaced by a superb hot teacher named Mr. Prescott. Mr. Prescott is smart, sexy—he is exactly the man of every girl’s dream—or should I say the man every girl fantasizes about?

The story will slowly unravel more complication that will make you grit your teeth. I don’t want to give spoilers for the readers, but believe me, the story is so good and well written that you will not even know the book is already finished! There is also some action, family drama, and mystery in the latter part of the book, and it balanced the story well.

The story’s characters were pretty few so you won’t get confused. The writing style was perfectly understandable, no annoying extra scenes that are nonsense, and the details were described vividly—you will definitely feel everything April felt—her annoyance, her excitement, her confusion—everything! As in you’ll literally gasp when you find out the Hidden Truth.

The plot of the story was so good and was on point—and I think, in my opinion, there’s a part that we can all relate to it. Every one of us had their deepest, darkest secret, right? No, not the sexual approach, but some secret that we can’t just let out— it’s so hard to confide that secret to people unless you really trust and love that person deeply—wait, did I left you thinking about that secret? Uhuh. I know. Well, What are you waiting for? Grab a copy of the book so you won’t be the last to know about the Hidden Truth.

I should remind the readers that this book is strongly advised to be read by readers ages 18 and above.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

OverAll Rating


Sirius: Hidden Trutreceive a rating of Five heavenlybook goodnessCome on, don’t you dare deny that you aren’t thrilled with the idea of Mr. Prescott’s existence! Hahaha. Well, I know, I need to explain further what do I mean by this–but come on. Let’s give the author some round of applause for her works! The author had given us Mr. Prescott, then that guy in the mansion April called Sir? Admit it, he left us some goosebump every time he says to April “You are mine, Princess”. Like OMFG, can I just be April? HAHAHA. I mean, I can imagine his voice already.

Hi Ms. Author, I’m not sure if you can read this, but can I request a book two? Hahaha. And thank you for creating Mr. Prescott and even ‘Sir’! They are an addition to my list of book boyfriends I can not have. Lol (I really am trying my best not to let any spoilers here or the identity of ‘Sir’. lol)

So, I bet you already know what my favorite quote in this book right?

“You are mine, Princess.” -“Sir”, Sirius: Hidden Truth by A.L. Long

Book Details

Sirius Hidden Truthanimated-arrow-image-0192   Book Title: Sirius: Hidden Truth

animated-arrow-image-0192   Author: A.L. Long

animated-arrow-image-0192   Publication Date: February 27, 2018

animated-arrow-image-0192  ASIN: B079SMXMMQ

About the Author

A.L. LongA.L. Long is an award-winning Author of the Independent Press Award and NYC Big Book Award. Below is her information I quote from her site:

My love for writing began several years ago after an early retirement from a demanding job that I loved, but also hated because it consumed so much of my time. Now, I am able to focus my time on what I love. Writing romance has been a lifelong dream and to actually say that I am a published author is beyond what I would have ever expected.

Even though some may say I have a little naughtiness in my books, I look at it as an added bonus for my readers. After all, what is a romance book without a little spice?

When I am not writing, I enjoy spending time with friends either at home or out on the town. Mostly, I enjoy a relaxing night at home where I can enjoy a glass of wine in the company of a good book.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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