The Awakening(Emerge # 1) by Melissa Craven Book Review

Allie Carmichael has always believed life is simple. You're born. You live. You die. She has no cause to believe those rules don't apply to her. All her life, Allie has suffered in silence as those around her shrink from her touch, too intimidated to take the time to get to know her. It's left her feeling like a pariah for fifteen years. When an unexpected move to Kelleys Island brings Aidan McBrien crashing into her life, Allie is thrown by his reaction. He isn't affected by her touch. He doesn't stutter or make a quick exit. He smiles and welcomes her into his circle of friends.

The One Unspoken(The One Unspoken#1) by Sarah Bryant Book Review

Sidonie Verdier and Gabriel Saint-Martin are neighbors who live worlds apart. Born in western Louisiana in 1841, Sidonie is the last and only surviving child of an impoverished white Creole cotton planter, who has abandoned his pregnant wife. When her mother dies in childbirth, Sidonie is left to the care of Adelis, a midwife and former slave who has blackmailed her freedom from her mistress on her deathbed.

Still(Still # 1) by Camilla Monk Book Review

It always started like this, a pulse inside me, like a warning before the tide surged, roared… and froze everything.  Twenty-year-old Emma just landed in Rome, to find the father who walked out of her life more than a decade ago and was too busy eating pizza to call. Traveling with her is a secret she’s carried alone since childhood: sometimes, around her, time stops. People and cars freeze, rain hangs still in the air and there's only her left in the silence.

Select Few(Select # 2) by Marit Weisenberg Book Review

After rejecting the cult-like influence of her father's family, Julia moves into a fancy hotel in downtown Austin. But she finds herself alone except for her boyfriend, John--and her fears. Once again she's suppressing her abilities, afraid her family will come for John when they find out he's been developing abilities of his own in her presence. The FBI is also keeping a close eye on Julia hoping she can lead them to her father, Novak, as he's wanted for questioning in his former assistant's death.

Angel’s Demon(Angel Series Book # 5) by Melanie Tomlin Book Review

Angel’s Demon is the most different book from the Angel Series. How can I say that? Because it was not only narrated in Helena’s POV but others as well. The storyline so intriguing– I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen next—or whose POV will be next.

Chasing Darien(Chasing, # 1) by J.M. Stoneback Book Review

Darien’s love is a drug I want to snort up my nose like cocaine. Alana They say the best way to get over someone is to get under another and that’s what I did. Darien Casey is the perfect distraction. Sexy, cocky, asshole, and irresistible. Too bad my heart wants him, even though, he’s going … Continue reading Chasing Darien(Chasing, # 1) by J.M. Stoneback Book Review

Sirius: Hidden Truth by A.L. Long Book Review

April Barnes was a simple girl with a simple life. All she wanted was to graduate and help the world. Everything changes when her only friend Vanessa Lewis talks her into covering for her at a catering job. The minute April walked in the door, her curiosity gets the best of her and that curiosity … Continue reading Sirius: Hidden Truth by A.L. Long Book Review

Dire Cravings (Arctic Wolves Series Book # 2 by Tigris Eden) Book Review

Olivia Esmerelda Vasques has always been in control—in the boardroom, in the bedroom, and in her life. But when her partner/ex-husband insists she needs a vacation, Olivia is reluctant to give in until the board of directors issues an ultimatum: take a vacation or don’t bother coming back. So hiking Mt. McKinley it is. Not … Continue reading Dire Cravings (Arctic Wolves Series Book # 2 by Tigris Eden) Book Review