Angel’s Curse (Angel Series Book # 2 by Melanie Tomlin) Book Review


Melanie Tomlin, Angel's Curse - Book 2

What lengths would you go to for revenge?

Helena is furious beyond belief. She can’t forgive the angels for what they did to her, and Danizriel — one of their own kind — who sought only to help her. Now she’s out for revenge.

A coordinated blitz takes place on the solstice and thousands of vampires lay waste to the angelic host, in an attack orchestrated by Helena. In exchange for her help, she receives three weapons from the time of the fall — powerful enough to destroy archangels.

With three archangels down and one to go, Helena gambles with her soul to pull off the kind of bluff that even Satan might fall for. If she loses, the devil takes it all.


Angel’s Curse—the second installment of the Angel Series—is your ticket to heaven and hell. This novel is packed with heart-thumping and heart-shattering scenes that will make you want more.

This novel proves us that love knows no boundaries, that even Helena literally traveled Heaven and Hell, just to perfectly laid her plan of taking revenge for the death of someone she truly loves.

As I read the book, the first few chapters were perfectly stabilized that when the sudden twist of the story—yes, it all happened in just one flick of the page— you could literally feel your heart, wrenching in pain. I will not go into details about what happened but trust me, it really is devastating.

Every chapter of the book was not wasted—it was full of information that you should take note of. Every small detail of the book—even the small conversations held a big information that will either be used in the latter part of the story or somehow, *coughs* in the other books. *coughs*

Melanie Tomlin’s way of writing will get you hooked on the characters that rather of reading the story, you’ll feel like you are in the story. Every emotion and every happening feels like you are experiencing it, first hand; from the sweet, romantic feeling to the tremendous, grieving until the fiery rage—you’ll feel it.

Well, Kudos to Queen M, our beloved author for creating a book that tackles some part of the most sensitive book—the Bible, yet she could carry out the tweaking of the story with great finesse that—well, in my opinion, she created a better version of the Bible.

As the story flows, there is a scene that depicts God, and believe me, the way the author describes Him left me goosebumps and what God did in the story was very God-like. I mean, the kindness, the forgiveness—everything, it somehow reminds you that whatever happening to your life now, God is always there, and He has some great plan for all of us. Maybe without the naughty scenes, I could say that this book can possibly categorize as a spiritual kind of book.

Disclaimer: I received a reader’s copy from the author.OverAll Rating5Angel’s Curse, the second installment of Angel Series by Melanie Tomlin received a rating of fivheavenlboogoodness!  Why in the world this heart-wrenching book deserves a 5-ratings? Because Danizriel taught me and Helena one thing. Have Faith.
Let me end this with my favorite quote from the book:

“Let no one doubt His power. Let no one doubt His might, even when His purpose is not always clear.” -Danizriel, Angel’s Curse by Melanie Tomlin


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Melanie Tomlin, Angel's Curse - Book 2animated-arrow-image-0192   Book Title: Angel’s Curse

animated-arrow-image-0192   Author: Melanie Tomlin

animated-arrow-image-0192   Published Date: February 3, 2016

animated-arrow-image-0192   Publisher: Kylani Press

animated-arrow-image-0192   ISBN: 0994450249About the Author

Melanie TomlinMelanie Tomlin was born in Beeston, England. At the age of three, her family moved to suburban Melbourne, Australia, where she has lived ever since. When she was twelve her parents bought her a typewriter, and she wrote her first novel that very same year. She still has the typewriter, which is somewhat worse for wear, but that first manuscript is now nothing but a distant memory.Her first published book, Angel’s Kiss, was released in 2015. The second and third installments in the ‘Angel Series’ — Angel’s Curse and Angel’s Messiah — were released in February 2016 and June 2016 respectively.For a change of pace, and something a little different, Melanie has recently finished work on a book of poetry called Twisted Poems of a Warped Mind and a children’s picture book called Lucy Vampoosy: The Little Vampire Dog.Melanie is currently working on the fifth book in the ‘Angel Series’.

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